Let’s Keep Moving…

Welcome to Forward Movement Lifestyle Inc. We are a full service Pilates and movement studio located in Pleasantville, New York. We opened our doors in May of 2015 after a natural transition from the long standing Body Wise Studio in Chappaqua, NY.

F.M. Lifestyle Inc. was founded in 2015 by Rebecca Phillippo and is based on the idea that while life is in constant unpredictable motion we must keep moving forward even with all the changes or challenges that comes with it. The body whether left still or pained by illness; injury or just too much ‘busy’ in our life, must keep moving on some level. Without movement, we cannot have progression. The lifestyle we choose to live can play a huge part in our roles on our body and our mind. We must try to find that balance.

At FM Lifestyle Inc., we promote healthy movement of the body in an inviting, warm and energizing environment. We encourage our clients to take these learned movements into their lifestyles outside of the studio. Our experienced certified practitioners are able to adapt and create programs tailored specifically for each individual and their needs for their lifestyle.

Clients may have their own fitness goals or may need help identifying what those goals might be. Pilates can help clients looking to improve their golf or tennis game; get ready for a running or cycling event. Or just want to feel more confident doing daily activities. Our certified practitioners use their knowledge, encouragement and guidance to achieve this for each client individually.

We are currently offering private and semi private Pilates and new in September 2019- Small Group Classes!  Please contact us for appointment information and check out our group class schedule.


Rebecca Phillippo has been my Pilates instructor for the past 1.5 years. During that time she has helped me develop and strengthen my muscles, increase my flexibility and improve my balance and coordination. Rebecca is especially good at encouraging me to stretch beyond what I think I am capable of doing, and as a result, I continue to strengthen my muscles while re-sculpting my body into a leaner silhouette.

Rebecca brings to our Pilates sessions not only her technical knowledge and training, but also her enthusiasm, compassion and warmth. So even while she is encouraging me to do “just one more,” our sessions are always both enjoyable and very productive! I would recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a Pilates instructor who combines excellent technical training with the ability to apply her training to a person’s individual’s needs and goals.

Rita WeissDecember 2014